Why we collect personal data.

We need to use personal information in order to provide some of the services available on our website and to support our legitimate interests as booksellers. For example, we need your name and address in order to ship to you items you purchase from us. With your agreement, we will also use your email address to inform you when new items have been added to our website. We may also need to save and store information about your visits to our site and use that information to improve the reliability and functionality of

What Personal Information Do We Collect and Use?

  • Personal information about you that we may need to collect can include your name, address, email address, phone number, IP address, preferred currency, preferred language, country, ID numbers from authorised payment processors, such as PayPal, and other information that you provide to us directly.
  • Information about books that you buy or inquire about.
  • Information provided directly to us by a customer to assist us with a service we provide.
  • You may ask us to send information about a product listing to a third party. To do this we will need to receive from you personal information about the third party, including their name and email address. This information will only be used for providing the specific service you have requested and will not be stored on our server or used for any other purpose.
  • All server activity on our website is recorded in log files which are used for analysing and correcting errors that may occur. These files may necessarily include personal data that you have provided to us, but that log data will not be used for any other purpose.

The personal information we collect from you may be used in the following ways:

  • We may need to contact you in order to report on the availability of items you are interested in and for confirmation of payment and shipment of items you have ordered and paid for. With your authorisation we may also write to you to inform you of new or changed features or services that we offer.
  • We will not sell or rent any of your personal information to any other parties.

What we do to secure your personal data on our site.

  • The data you enter into our site is encrypted by Transport Layer Security (TLS) software,
  • Access to the data stored on our server is strictly controlled by limited and secure password access.
  • Details of your personal information that we have stored in our database are available on request by writing to us at
  • If you request to be on our notification list we will use an email marketing service such as MailChimp to record your name and email address and use it to inform you of future offerings and news coming from our site. These sites will store this data on a secure and encrypted server with password controlled access.

How we use cookies.

  • Cookies are small files that we place on your computer’s hard drive using your web browser. Among other things, they enable the browser to identify you, remember your personal preferences and to store your program settings for repetitive use.
  • We include some personal information in our cookies, but we do not allow third parties to have access to it. We also do not use cookies that have been placed on your computer by other websites.
  • We use cookies for many internal processes. You can disable cookies in your browser, but doing so will also disable many of the features provided by our website.

If you want to change or delete any personal information we may have for you please write to us at  We will make the requested changes or deletions, except where prevented by law. We can also send you a copy of any of your personal data we may be keeping.