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  • A Garden Watercolour
    ORIGINAL DRAWING. by (Art Deco Garden Fantasy) Bonfils, Robert.
    (Art Deco Garden Fantasy) Bonfils, Robert.

    n.p. n.d. (ca. 1925). An original drawing in colour showing a garden fantasy by the art deco illustrator and designer Robert Bonfils presented by him to Roger Grillon. A sudden shower (with a rainbow) sends two couples dashing in front of a large arched hedge at the garden entrance to a palace. With its large topiary, pergola, fountains, etc., the scene combines the classical elements of French garden architecture with the streamlined vision of nature associated with Art Deco and with illustration styles of the early 20th century. Bonfils' own colour woodblock poster for the 1925 Paris International Exposition did much for establishing the Art Deco style. Single sheet 35.2 x 36 cm.; drawing is 32.5 x 33.3 cm .

    Watercolor, gouache and ink on paper; some foxing visible in small areas; signed presentation inscription on lower right corner beneath drawing.
    Book ID: 16606
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    (Botanical Garden - Italy) RICASOLI, Vincenzo.

    Firenze: tipografia Di Mariano Ricci 1888. The catalogue of the plants in the experimental garden and arboretum created by Baron General Vincenzo Ricasoli at Porto Ercole on Monte Argentario, Tuscany, from its inception in 1868 to time of publication. Ricasoli, who participated in the National Risorgimento and served as a Senator of the Kingdom of Italy, was also a serious botanist and agriculturist. At the Giardino Della Casa Bianca, Ricasosli collected and cultivated over 1800 species, including numerous eucalypti, which he gathered from the Middle East, the Americas, Africa, etc. He was a friend of Sir Thomas Hanbury who began work on LA MORTOLA around the same time. The garden was one of the earliest such gardens of acclimatisation in Italy and, apparently, the first in Tuscany. It is now privately owned by the Corsini family and partially restored after destruction during wartime. With a twenty-four page introduction by Ricasoli. (For more on Ricasoli, see BRONZUOLI, David. VINCENZO ROCASOL 1814 -1891). We have located 7 copies in U.S. libraries through OCLC. 8vo (25 x 16.8 cm); xxvii + 87 pp.

    Original printed cream paper covers, slight darkening at edges, small wrinkle at upper front corner; unopened. A very good copy.
    Book ID: 16605
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  • The Original Edition.
    THE GARDENER'S DIARY FOR 1937 by (Cobbett, WILLIAM) Bawden, Edward.
    (Cobbett, WILLIAM) Bawden, Edward.
    THE GARDENER'S DIARY FOR 1937 Designed By Edward Bawden with Weekly Reminders from WILLIAM COBBETT'S English Gardener 1827.

    London: Country Life Ltd. 1937. First and very scarce edition of this beautifully designed and illustrated gardener's diary by Edward Bawden, commissioned by Noel Carrington. Each page has four columns for the week's daily notes; the last column is for work accomplished. The top of each diary page is illustrated by Bawden with line drawings of flowers, a garden scene or related imagery. At the bottom of the versos is space for notes on weather and on the rectos are the recommendations from William Cobbett. Bawden was one of the the mid-century's most creative and prolific illustrators. In addition to his own landscapes, he produced designs for London Transport, Penguin Books, Fortnum and Mason. Murals, wallpapers and posters are among his many popular creations. 8vo (19 x 12 cm); 112 unnumbered pp. full year calendar for 1937 illustrated from drawings, including frontispiece.

    Original cloth-backed, paper covered boards with printed illustrations and title on upper cover;very slight shelfwear; text printed on pale green paper with light browning at very outer edges; internally fine with faint discoloring in gutters of endpapers and the smallest nick on rear free endpaper. A near fine, very well-preserved copy.
    Book ID: 16596
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  • Ephemera From the White House Florists.
    (FLORISTS, White House)

    Washington, D.C. n.d. (ca.1900). This well preserved engraved gift or presentation card from the White House conservatories shows the mansion's conservatory extending off the west wing (where the offices of the West Wing are now) of the building in a vignette sized illustration of the building in its ellipse side setting; the card bears further engraving - a space for the address of a recipient and notice that the card accompanies "perishable flowers" that must be kept from "frost and extreme heat". President James Buchanan had the White House conservatory built in the mid 19th century in part to facilitate his niece Harriet Lane's role as his "first lady". Lane was well educated and a sophisticated hostess who filled the president's social events with flowers. That particular greenhouse burned in 1867, but was replaced with others, including a rose house. In 1902, under Theodore Roosevelt, and at the suggestion of Charles McKim, the conservatories were removed to make way for West Wing offices. This card would probably be from the late 19th century and demonstrates that flowers were not only grown for White House occasions, but also sent out as compliments, greetings, condolences, etc. Engraved card stock, 14.3 x 13.5 cm., printed on one side only with vignette slightly above center.

    Book ID: 16601
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  • Flowers from Cap d'Antibes.
    (French Art Nouveau) (CLOS de la GAROUPE).

    n.p., N.P., n.d. (ca. 1900?). A somewhat mysterious piece on art vellum having the appearance of a mailing or shipping label, but, surely being an elaborate mock-up for one or the other. "The design is signed in a monogram for "R H sc". The sender's address is " Clos de la Garoupe/ Cap d'Antibes/ Alpes-Maritimes. " in decorative black lettering. Opposite is the message:" Les Fleurs sont expédiées aussitôt qu'elles sont coupées." Below this is an address space beginning with a decorative "M" and below, "Spécialité d'Anémones /et de la Fraises. This text is arranged in the upper diagonal space of the piece. In the lower diagonal is a splendid design of a young woman holding strawberries and surrounded by anemones. This illustration is enhanced in green, gray and rose. The Cap d'Antibes was a strong horticultural region in the 19th century. Clos de la Garoupe was once a farm ( or nursery?) before Antibes became the playground of the rich. Impression 17 x 23.5 on sheet measuring 28 x 35 cm. With custom matting.

    In fine condition.
    Book ID: 16565
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    (Horticultural Exhibitions) KNUTSFORD HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY.
    RULES AND SCHEDULE FOR EXHIBITION, to Be Held On Friday & Saturday, 4th & 5th September, 1868.

    Knutsford 1868. A wonderful picture of the rigour demanded in mid-nineteenth century local English horticultural shows. Following the list of various officers and dignitaries come the rules, followed by the various exhibition categories. For professional gardeners there are 30 classes of entry. These range from caladiums to hollyhocks, cut roses to miniature gardens for 1st and 2nd prizes (20/- the highest, being for stove or greenhouse plants in bloom.) For the amateurs, another 18 classes from ferns, foliaged geraniums, pansies, round hand bouquets to British wild plants improved for garden decoration. The highest award here for ferns, at 10/-). Classes open to all are dishes of fruits (25 varieties). The largest category with 60 classes is for Cottagers with displays ranging from best box hive of bees to the "best regulated, neatest, and most productive Cottage Garden, within three miles of Knutsford Parish Church, to be inspected twice during the season ". This latter gets the top prize of 20/-. There is a small category for florists and nurserymen from any distance. With a two page list of subscribers, a full list of committee members, patrons and officers and two pages of very strict rules . We have not located this item in OCLC, COPAC or the Lindley Library, RHS. Stitched pamphlet, 12 mo (17 x 10.4 cm); (xii) pp. including subscribers' list and balance sheet.

    Stitched pamphlet with two vertical folds, scattered and very light foxing.
    Book ID: 16609
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  • By Johann Heinrich Seidel, the "Father of Dresdener Horticulture"
    LEONHARDI, F(riedrich) G(ottlob) and J(ohann) H(einrich) SEIDEL.
    DER FRÜHLINGS-UND SOMMERGÄRTNER ODER ANWEISUNG, JEDE ART VON BLUMEN, Wohlriechende Niedrige Strauch-, Stauden- und Rankende Gewächse, Nebst Küchengartenkräutern, So Wie Auch Obstorangerie, Nach Art De Chinesen In Scherben Zu Erziehen, Zu Pflanzen und Abzuwarten Und Dieselben Für Den Winter Aufzubewahren und Zu Erhalten.

    Leipzig: in de Schäferschen buchhandlung, 1803. A rare horticultural manual by Johann Heinrich Seidel, widely regarded as the "Father of Dresdener Horticulture." After completing his apprenticeship at the Großer Garten in Dresden in 1764, he embarked on a seven-year Gesellenwanderung though Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, England and France. During his travels he spent significant time at Het Loo, the Jardin des Plantes, Chiswick, and Kew while building important contacts with head gardeners throughout Europe. After returning to Dresden and taking over as court gardener, Seidel used those contacts to build one of the most important plant collections of its day, reaching 4300 species by 1806. Many of the choicest of these plants are described in the text. Seidel was one of the first German gardeners to breed camellias, but he also had a particular interest in Chinese dwarf plants and devoted an entire short chapter at the end of the book to promoting their interest. The colour frontispiece shows a Chinese gardener carrying several potted dwarf shrubs and fruit trees balanced on a pole across his shoulder. The name F. G. Leonhardi also appears on the title page, but Leonhardi was an economist and historian who wrote books on a variety of subjects. He is unlikely to have made much contribution to the horticultural content of the work. It is surprisingly rare. OCLC locates only 4 copies, of which three in Germany and one in Denmark. KVK adds one more. 16mo (17.2 x 10.3 cm); viii + 259 + (4) pp. + colour frontispiece and 2 engraved plates.

    Book ID: 16618
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  • Signed and Inscribed Presentation Copy
    LOUDON, Mrs. (Jane Webb)
    THE AMATEUR GARDENER'S CALENDAR: Being A Monthly Guide As To What Should Be Avoided, As Well As What Should Be Done, In A Garden In Each Month: With Plain Rules How To Do What Is Requisite; Directions For Laying Out And Planting Kitchen And Flower Gardens, Pleasure Grounds, And Shrubberies; And A Short Account, In Each Month, Of The Quadrupeds, Birds, And Insects The Most Injurious To Gardens.

    London Longman, Brown, Green, And Longmans 1847. First edition; a signed presentation copy from Loudon. Inscribed: "Mrs. J. Campbell Foster from her sincere friend J.W. Loudon, Bayswater Nov 12th 1857." The instructions in Jane Webb Loudon's comprehensive manual of gardening were sound enough to impress even William Robinson, who had it republished (with his own updating revisions) in 1870, but by then Jane Webb Loudon needed no further introduction to the gardening and scientific publishing world. At the first printing of this title, she had already published the remarkable science-fiction satire THE MUMMY! A TALE OF THE TWENTY-SECOND CENTURY (1827) which brought her to the attention of her future husband, the dynamic and prolific John Claudius Loudon, who was amazed by her scientific outlook. Webb Loudon had already published other works of non-fiction and journalism, some anonymously, but took on the subjects of gardening and horticulture with vigour once introduced to these areas by her husband. Although it is suggested that she was a major force in her husband's work, she created important scientifically based work on her own, especially for Victorian women and children. " Her professional work and reputation enabled her to participate in the world beyond the home...Webb Loudon was one of a number of women writers who helped to transform print media into an area in which women could operate as both producers and consumers." (Dewis, Sarah. THE LOUDONS AND THE GARDENING PRESS. A Victorian Cultural Industry, p 212). Her modesty is frequently mentioned in contemporary accounts and current publications. This is the first signed copy of her work we have had. 12mo (17.8 x 12.2 cm); xx + 372 pp. (+ 32 pp. ads) with 124 wood-engraved text illustrations.

    Original cloth with blind stamped patterns; gilt spine title; a bit of shelfwear at spine ends, including tiny slits along upper spine edges, but a very good copy.
    Book ID: 16616
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  • With Illustrations By Muriel Mallows
    A SUMMER GARDEN. by (Miniature Book) LAWSON-HALL, Claire.
    (Miniature Book) LAWSON-HALL, Claire.

    Marcham: The Alembic Press, Hyde Farm House, 1999. No. 19 of 100 copies designed, printed and bound by Claire Lawson-Hall. Illustrations by Muriel Mallows. A fold-out miniature with a garden story line illustrated text on one side and a poppy image enclosing covers on the other. A casual account of what is in bloom from May to the end of August accompanied by the joyful illustrations around the text created by Mallows who trained at City & Guilds of London Arts Schools and showed often at the Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy. 3" x 3"extending in folds to a square approximately 29 x 29 cm.

    Very good in patterned boards, separately attached, as issued.
    Book ID: 16588
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  • LE PARC DE BRUXELLES. by (Parks - Brussels) Schoonen, Louis.
    (Parks - Brussels) Schoonen, Louis.
    LE PARC DE BRUXELLES. Poème Descriptif et Satirique En Quatre Chants,

    Bruxelles, 1849. First and apparently only edition. With an engraved frontispiece of a view taken from within the park looking towards the Palais de la Nation designed by Gilles-Barnabé Guimard who, together with Joachim Zinner, provided the overall plans for the park and Place Royal in the 18th century. The four "chants" of the poem evoke events and people in the region's history through encounters with the park's sculptures of classical and historical figures, its structures, etc. Of particular interest for Schoonen's 28 pages of notes which provide detailed descriptions of the park, its plantings, layout, views and associated history. Scarce. In OCLC we locate only one copy at Utrecht and one at Vlaamse Erfgredbibliotheek. 8vo (17.2 x 12.5 cm); engraved frontispiece +92 pp with 2 tailpieces + 1 engraved plate.

    Marbled paper over boards with gilt lettered red leather spine label,minor shelfwear; small old tape marks on end papers, faint offsetting of engraved frontispiece onto titlepage; presentation inscription from the author on half-title. A very good copy.
    Book ID: 16598
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  • "Agriculteurs, Horticulteurs, Cultivateurs et Marchands De Graines"
    DENAIFFE & FILS  Advertising Poster. by (Seedsmen's Poster) (DENAIFFE & FILS)
    (Seedsmen's Poster) (DENAIFFE & FILS)
    DENAIFFE & FILS Advertising Poster.

    n.p. (Denaiffe) ca. 1900. A handsome and well preserved advertising poster for the Ardennes seedsmen Denaiffe & Fils printed in cream, red-brown, and black. This copy professionally mounted on linen. The firm was founded in 1810 and, at the instigation of the next generation, namely, Clement Denaiffe, broadened its reach through participation at French and international expositions and, of course, by benefiting from the developing railroads. Information about the firm is packed into the design of the poster. Along with numerous attractive wood-engravings of offerings in flowers, fruit and vegetables, and prairie grasses, there is a photo reproduction of the Graineterie located near Carignan in the Ardennes. At bottom right of the poster is the indication that the firm is represented by M. Auguste Touzet at St. Valentin. A sinuous Art Nouveau line borders the whole presentation; Art Nouveau flourishes (which appear to be signed "Mareur") lead the eye to details about the firm and to its representative. We find a copy of this poster in the Archives Départmentales des Ardennes. Single sheet 57 x 45 cm mounted on linen (65 cm x 53 cm); with text and illustrations printed in black and red-brown; also with numerous wood-engraved illustrations and a photographic reproduction; with an official (tax) paper stamp attached to the surface.

    Book ID: 16617
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  • The pre-eminent French theorist of natural garden design of his time.
    THÉORIE DES JARDINS. by (Style paysagiste) (MOREL, Jean Marie)
    (Style paysagiste) (MOREL, Jean Marie)

    Paris Chez Pissot 1776. First edition of the most substantial and popular original French work to advocate the natural landscape style of gardening in France. Morel never visited England, thus his ideas followed more directly from French examples (including his own gardens); nevertheless, he also drew inspiration from the published theories of Whately and Watelet and from the influence of his close association with Girardin at Ermenonville. Morel trained as an architect and geographical engineer, but his long career was focused almost entirely on garden design. He worked on at least 50 parks and gardens, including: Guiscard, Ermenonville, Casson, Launay, and La Malmaison. Extensive descriptions of Guiscard and Ermenonville are used here as examples to illustrate his ideas, although his account of Ermenonville claims more personal credit for its design than is appropriately due. But however significant Morel's activities as a creator of gardens may have been, it was as the pre-eminent theorist of natural garden design that he had the greatest impact. Of all French gardeners of the picturesque school, he stood furthest from the fashionable and decorative anglo-chinois aspects of garden design and advocated a style more purely imitative of nature. As such, his ideas were far more influential on the later "style paysagiste" than those of his contemporaries, and in many respects formed the (often unacknowledged) theoretical foundation for much of French garden design throughout the 19th century. Ganay 98; Berlin Cat. 3469; Musset-Pathay 1822. 8vo (18 x 12cm); (viii) + 397 + (3) pp.; page 140 misnumbered p. 148.

    In later handsome three-quarter morocco with gilt ruled and ornamented spine including a gilt type ornament of Winged Victory, raised bands; marbled boards;marbled endpapers; t.e.g.; scattered foxing, heavier at front and rear of text.
    Book ID: 16595
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    TRAVAUX D'ART FER ET BRONZE Specialté d'Entourages Porte-Couronnes & Portes pour Tombeaux....Grilles de Choeur/ Vases pour Fleurs...

    Paris Renaux-Lefevre n.d. ( ca.. A very well preserved trade catalogue showing full page illustrations, on rectos only, of 29 decorative iron surrounds, including several covered and one chapel for tombs; 12 chapel door panels, 19 corbeilles and coupes for cemetery settings - these last, more than one to a page. The whole is lithographed in blue. Most of the tomb surrounds are shown with suggestions of grassy or park-like settings. We have not yet found any copies in OCLC, COPAC, EUROPEAN LIBRARY or CCFR. "24mo" ,18.2 x 13.2 cm; title page + 29 lithographed plates printed on versos + (ii) 3 lithographed plates of 19 printed on versos + (ii) +12 lithographed plates on rectos only. The numbers on the plates refer to product numbers, not to plate numbers.

    Original printed paper covers with designs on upper and lower covers; a bit or shelf wear and light soiling at bottom edges, on plate with moderate foxing, but otherwise very well preserved.
    Book ID: 16521
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