FLORA BLOEMENSTALLETJE. by (Flower Market Stand - Interactive Children's Book…

FLORA BLOEMENSTALLETJE.  by (Flower Market Stand - Interactive Children's Book and Game) EL PINTOR (KLOOT, Jacob)
A Child's Book and Game

FLORA BLOEMENSTALLETJE. Allerlei Spelen Met Bloemen Uit Bos Veld En Tuin Sloot Wei En Duin.

(Amsterdam) (Corunda?) (1942). El Pintor was the the name under which Jacob Kloot, his wife Anna Galink Ehrenfest, and other associated artists - many from the Nieuwe Kunstschool - clandestinely illustrated and published children's books in Nazi occupied Holland. Kloot also worked under cover helping to hide people during the war, but did not manage to escape his own deportation to and death in Sobibor. This remarkable book/game on the theme of flowers and the flower market provides the reader(s) with a flower stand backdrop into which can be placed six different color printed settings for distinct types of flowers: "Bos" (forest or woodland); Veld (field); "waterkant" (water or bog plants); "duin"(dune); tuin (garden); and "wei" (grassland). In front of these settings can be placed, into flower pot pockets, a combination of any of the 72 colour printed small cards representing individual flowers. Instructions printed on the versos of the "settings" cards give instructions for playing various games with the flower cards: lotto; flower merchant; flower shop; garden construction; flower market. A highly imaginative and educational game, amazingly preserved with all its parts. Folder, 23 x 31 cm, colour printed on all four sides + 6 color printed background sheets with text on versos to be inserted behind the flower pot slots + 73 separate colour printed cards of individual flowers, each 5 x 5 cm.

The original color printed folder is well preserved, with just a bit of hand-soiling on outer covers and some foxing at fold and corners internally; there are some nicks along the fold and separation along the bottom 1 inch of the fold; the 6 colour printed background cards and the 73 flower cards are in very good condition, with only the occasional bit of foxing.
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