• Another image of WINDOW PLANTS. by NASH, John.
  • Another image of WINDOW PLANTS. by NASH, John.
(Gardens in Art)


First Series, No. 4, of the very special post WWII print production enterprise, The School Prints, Ltd., that sought to bring original art work in the form of mostly auto-lithographic posters or prints featuring the work of contemporary artists into the classrooms of young students in Great Britain. The artist here, John Nash, perhaps better known for his work in wood-engraving, was “ a countryman and passionate gardener...keenly observant of nature, particularly plants.” (Selborne, Joanna. BRITISH WOOD-ENGRAVED BOOK ILLUSTRATION 1904 -1940. p.303). He turned to lithography late in his career just in time to take part in the first series of this education- through- art project undertaken by Brenda Rawnsley and her advisers, including art education promoter Herbert Read ( see ARTMONSKY, Ruth. THE SCHOOL PRINTS A Romantic Project). The series was printed at the Baynard Press. In addition to his fine talent for botanical illustration, Nash possessed a great sense of humor about people. In this print, so appropriate for children, Nash portrays a comical but sweet lady dozing peacefully with her cat and her caged canary by her window sill full of potted geraniums Christmas cacti, amarylis, etc. In her own private garden, in fact. Red is the dominant color and all the other colors ( only 6 were permitted) are rich. The School Prints usually had decorative borders making it easier for schools to avoid the cost of framing. Here the artist’s border is full with red and blue flowers, beautifully complementing the whole design. To Each His Own Garden

In fine condition; signed by Nash in the plate.

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