IRIS KAEMPFERI. by (Trade catalogue - Iris) YOKOHAMA NURSERY CO.,…

With 18 Color Plates

IRIS KAEMPFERI. 18 best Var. (cover title).

Yokohama: (The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd.), ca. 1890-1900. A beautifully preserved color lithographed horticultural catalogue from the Yokohama Nursery Company, justly famous for the attractiveness of its publications. "The Yokohama Nursery Company catalogues from the mid-1890s through the mid-1920s are impressive documents , written in English and beautifully illustrated with colored plates, line drawings, and photographs of classic Japanese plants." (ARNOLDIA 64/2 -3, Del Tredici. "From Temple To Terrace" p. 4) In this offering of iris kaempferi there are only large full page illustrations, with examples identified in small type. There were apparently at least three different collections of the iris kaempferi presented in this format: one with 25 varieties, another with 100, and this one, with 18. The 18 flowers exhibited here are illustrated 2 to a page on 9 plates. The flower colors are in delicate shades of purple, pink and white, all printed against a delicate green printed background. The varieties in this particular collection include: Kumo-isho; Gekka-no-nami;Senjo-no-hora; Oyodo; Shippo; Momiji-no-taki; O-torige; Manadzuru; Tsuru-no kegoromo; Warei-hotei; Gei-sho-ui; Yezo-nishiki; Shiga-no-uranami; Shimoyo-no-tsuki; Kakujakuro; Shishi-ikari; Osho-kun;and Iso-no-nami. Very scarce, especially in this fine condition. Folio (38 x 29 cm); 9 color lithographed plates measuring 83 x 29 cm., with 2 varieties per plate.

Original iris paper covers, title printed in gold on upper cover; stabbed and tied with gently fading purple yarns; all plates are vibrant and in fine condition; the only trace of previous ownership is an occasional small pencilled "x" next to the printed name of a variety.
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